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SUN-to-LIQUID II initial press release is out

The SUN-to-LIQUID II consortium published its official press release

The SUN-to-LIQUID II project was officially launched on 1 November 2023 with a consortium meeting at the coordinating organisation Bauhaus Luftfahrt in Taufkirchen, for a project duration of 4 years.

Co-funded by the European Union and Switzerland, the Horizon Europe research project SUN-to-LIQUID II gathers a unique and complementary consortium of leading European institutions from academia and industry working together to demonstrate scalability and high efficiency in the production of sustainable hydrocarbon fuel from water, CO2 and concentrated sunlight via high-temperature chemical conversion.

The project is built on the preceding H2020 project SUN-to-LIQUID which successfully demonstrated on-sun solar-thermochemical fuel production on a 50-kW scale.

The initial press release was published in December 2023 and can be downloaded here:

Press release
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SUN-to-LIQUID II consortium at the project kick-off meeting in Taufkirchen, November 2023