System analyses and business case study


SUN-to-LIQUID II will evaluate key performance indicators of the project and support the innovation process with guidance from economic or sustainability perspective. Informed recommendations and a roadmap will be derived with the aim to communicate future implementation perspectives of SUN-to-LIQUID II to various target groups.

  • An integrated system model will be developed to quantify the performance of future commercial solar fuel refineries. It will deliver a systemic constraint analysis to identify critical steps within the process chain. The integrated system model and its mass and energy balances will be the basis for the evaluation of KPIs of future commercial solar fuel production, which are evaluated by life-cycle analysis, socioeconomic and techno-economic analyses.
  • This holistic assessment will be further exploited for a comparative analysis with Power-to-Liquid and algal fuel production (at a common baseline case location) and for a parametric business case study.
  • Key results from the SUN-to-LIQUID II system analyses will contribute to a roadmap towards commercial solar fuel production.